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PROJECT: CodeSpeak

Live Chat in Code Repos

Making Social Coding Social. Discuss code, in the repo, live from Github. No account required!

Spot Theme

Built in 24 hours with 3 guys for the Static Showdown, 2014. Over the course of a weekend in February 2014, participating in the first Static Showdown Virtual Hackathon, we built a fully functional Live Chat tool for GitHub and deployed it as a Chrome Extension.

Saturday Morning

More than 16 hours into the competition we finally started!  We met in person at our shared office, Central Blend, and started framing out the tool and UI.  Within the first hour we had a working prototype.  By the time we left for lunch, the Chrome Extension was able to be installed and used on Github.

Saturday Afternoon

All back home after a long lunch we met online through Google Hangouts and began making some UI improvements and building out a site to launch this tool.  We shared screens when necessary, discussed our project live in it’s repo using our own tool, and made quick work of the majority of the rest of the UI and nearly all of the site.

Saturday Night

We deployed the site to our DivShot repo, pushed the extension to the Chrome Store, linked the zipped download and Chrome Store page and submitted the final worthy site, just in case we were all too busy on Sunday.  1AM, we could have stopped and been happy.

Sunday Afternoon

After leisurely mornings and a long lunch we met online again in the afternoon to go over some site details, iron out a couple UI things that we’re bugging us a little and tidy up our profile on the Static Showdown site.  We were able to re push a new extension package to the store, push out a new site and make some headway marketing the thing on Twitter.  By this point we already have a couple of other users.

Sunday 5PM

We were done!  And we all promptly left our computers and relaxed.


We had a few more users in the morning, had been posted to Product Hunt and were corresponding with a dev from the framework we built the tool with, GoInstant.  We felt it was a great success and we’re proud to have contributed this small tool to the development community.