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This is the only kind product that we make. I’ll prove it to you.


We utilize one very important tool, perspective. Our projects are always done at a lightning fast pace in comparison to corporate in-house development that often takes months or years longer. Our projects are cheap in comparison to the large marketing agencies that product great work but at extreme costs. Our projects are ridiculously awesome in comparison to what your nephew or friend made for you on their new mac. Perspective is key.

Lightning Fast

Oh yeah? It might sound a little silly coming from us, but what about when it comes from the client. Consider this. A project request comes in to build a tool for managing most of a businesses processes and they need it, you guessed it, ASAP. Cool, we can do that. The client also mentions that they could build it internally but just don’t have the time and want something a little more polished. Cool! We happen to have a special rate for ASAP jobs, it’s called the cheap plan.

You see, the client has just compared us to their in-house team that could do it, but doesn’t have the time. So, to maintain the same perspective we can compare ourselves to them as well and in that case lightning fast would be, say, 6 months. We can do that. So we pitch them the cheap plan.

The Cheap Plan

Oh yes we can. You see we’ve already been compared to the in-house team, which could do it in a year or so, maybe, but they don’t have the time. Let’s figure out our perspective here. Conservatively we’re being compared to 2-3 people making 60k + benefits a year. And if they did manage to complete this project in a year, we’re looking at a cost to the company of $200k or more. Wow! That’s crazy expensive. We could do it for half, easily. See, cheap!

Cheap !== Quality

You’re right! But in this case, it does. You see our budget is now $100k and our timeline is 6months. We can pull together our team and have 4 excellent people on it. That’s $25k each for 6months work. That’s not a ton of money, but they don’t spend 40 hrs a week on it, no no no. They utilize some other tools that they have prebuilt and knowledge that they’ve mastered from doing lots of these projects. Bam! All of the sudden the team is a group of highly skilled and efficient people making good cash for this project. And now our project output is Awesome!

It may not be uber custom. It may not be built from the ground up from scratch, bending the will of internet technologies to produce cutting edge stuff. No. But, it’s frickin’ awesome compared to off the shelf solutions or a hacked together intranet built on WordPress (sorry WP). You see, it performs well. It’s reliable. It’s tested. It looks good and is usable. It make sense and is familiar. It’s solution that fits the client’s needs well. And, it’s executed cleanly.

Perspective is Everything

A great teacher from my Junior year English class taught us this. I didn’t pay attention much in that class, but that’s ok, I got that little tidbit. You see, if you had the wrong perspective we would produce products that are Slow, Expensive & Average. But we don’t. We only make stuff that is Fast, Cheap & Awesome. Why, because that is what the client always wants.

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